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Karikomi style Prunus lusitanica, pruning for shape and growth


Although rather distant, this object is part of the Mountain-range structure at the other site of Mount Sumeru and a visual part of the O-karikomi style Prunus lusitanica element discussed in the earlier post.
This Karikomi (Prunus lusitanica, common name Portugal laurel) is part of a mountain-scape formed by it and the O-karikomi to the right. Visually these form one element, a mountain-range.


This is the first time that we prune this shrub for shape other than a single globe. The small one has been moved here only a year ago and that still needs te be pruned for growth as well. We now add an extra layer to enforce the depth impression (see Sumeru). As this is the first time we prune to this purpose it will take at least a season to get to the result that we are looking for.

The small shrub on the left was only planted there in 2009, in order to extend this object. One reason for doing so is the fact that we are very unfortunate with the hedgerow of Taxus baccata that forms the backdrop of this main garden tsukiyama, as it does not at all perform well.

In addition to the visible-objects and elements or at least the parts in sight, there is a lot of maintenance to do that is out of sight. Here the backside of the just discussed Karikomi and O-Karikomi elements. This was obstructing the utilitarian pathway and hence could not be postponed any longer.


To the right you see the Taxus baccata hedgerow that marks the boundary between the premises.

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