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Insecticide, second or third annual overall treatment


Depending on the weather conditions and plant growth in the garden we have a first preventive spraying round in mid-April. Sometimes one or two weeks earlier other years one or two weeks later but that is the schedule. Depending on how serious the problems are and how effective the first treatment was, e.g. was the parasite development cycle stopped or not, we re-spray around the end of May.
Then mid-July we have either our second or third overall spraying-round.

When we say preventive we mean preventive against plagues by insects that eat, nibble, suck, role-up or otherwise consume and damage the leafs of our plants, preferably the fresh newly grown once. For this we use a so called “Internal agent”.
In addition this is preventing, or not as much preventing but more limiting, mainly ants in their epidemic expansion anger to build their empires. For this we use an “External agent”.

Most of these chemicals are only active and effective for a maximum period of some months, around mid-July is our second annual overall treatment cycle, and that is now.

These two fast growing specimen show that it is perhaps not too late, but late.


Fresh leafs of Lauris nobilis nibbled on by insects.


Newly grown leafs of Euonymus Japonicus eaten by insects.

For spraying you need dry weather. The weather forecast expects a hot and dry week, dry specifically in the next few days. The internal-agent insecticide needs at least 6 to 8 hours without rain or fog. Longer being better. The external-agent version is best served without any rain or mist at all. As this is primarily aimed at (or actually against) ants we spray it not on plants but on other surfaces. If these places are shielded against rain then the agent will work for a longer period of time.

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