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Birdlife in the garden

“Cosmos, the endless cycle of live and death.”

Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching

This week we saw a diversity of high- and low-lights in the life of birds in our garden. Here we give a quick impression of a few.


One of our great enjoyments in the garden is a mutual joy, for hundreds of birds and for us.
The “mountain-lake” on the Turtle Island in the front-garden always has fress streaming water and attracts dozens of birds every day. Most visits are combined for drinking and washing. I will make a dedicated post for that later.

This thrush just washed and is now cleaning and drying itself on top of Mount Sumeru. It took a long time to do so on this very same spot.


A very different trace of birdlife are these emptied ducks-eggs I found as you see them, laying on the Juniperus horizontalis “glauca” in the Water front (back side) compartment. We think that it was either a magpie or a jay that brought them here to have an easy and nutritious meal. We do not have prove for that but these two robbers frequently visit our garden.


Just like the thrush above this blackbird male just washed itself in the “mountain-lake” on the Turtle Island in the front-garden and is now sunbathing in a real hot Sun today. It is laying on The Ginshanada gravel. And that is a hot spot !


The last photo shows an unfortunate blackbird female that has tried to fly through one of our windows. Sadly enough this is something that happens a couple of times every year, in particular during the breeding season.


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