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Tsukiyama, the edges in the main-garden

The weather is great for gardening. Partially overcast and around 20 degree Centigrade (68 °F). After the Tsukiyama/gravel-edges in the front-garden we did a couple of days ago we yesterday clipped the Leptinella Tsukiyama / Ginshanada-edges in the main-garden compartment as described in post ‘Tsukiyama, the edges in the front-garden’. Some job, because the length in the main garden is close to 21 meter (69 feet) and in the front garden more than 6 meter (20 feet). This is only about the edges along the gravel.


Half the job is about removing waste, like pieces of root (actually being the plant body) that would otherwise not only pollute the gravel, but also just keep growing in it. Part of this job is not to waste gravel. Grains of gravel (the tiny pebbles, see a little down in The Ginshanada ) are attached to the roots and easily disappear in the container. That is something I hate. Must be my Tao’ist soul. Each and every grain that does its job deserves a place in the garden. not in the trash-bin.


The basic tool-set is limited to three pieces.
A small hand-rake to temporarily remove the gravel and a hand pruner to cut the Leptinella. The Leptinella is like a thick carped and some force is required to cut it. And of course we need our gravel-rake to bring the gravel back to where it came from, with or without waves, depending on our mood.
Here we also use a trowel (voegspijker) to lift the groundcover-carpet so it can be more easily clipped and will grow just a little slower.


This is how the edge looks after I had finished. Here the area of the Buddhist triad stone arrangement.

The “spot” in the top-right quadrant is a bird !


And, surprise surprise, the gravel that lies against the wall in the front-garden is covered with sand from, guess what ?…Ant- nests ! It took me an extra hour to take down the wall (loosely stacked), remove the ant-nests and restore the wall and gravel area.

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