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Tsukiyama, the edges in the front-garden

Most of the Tsukiyama surface is covered by the same species of a low growing ground covering plant.


Like in our previous post about the Turtle Island groundcover, we also want to keep these edges, that is the Tsukiyama (land) gravel (sea) junction, razor-sharp.
This is far more difficult as the Leptinella (aka Cotula) grows much faster than the Thyme. And also it creeps under the surface, to then pop-up very rapidly. The tool-set is still limited but here we also use a trowel (voegspijker) to lift the groundcover-carpet so it can be more easily clipped.

Half the job is about removing waste, like pieces of root (actually being the plant body) that would otherwise not only pollute the gravel, but also just keep growing in it.


What you see here is a Tsukiyama area in the front garden, just opposite the Turtle Island, hence that we cut this in one-go with that.



The Tsubo-en name plate lies on the ground in this area and as you can see (compare the trimmed version) it is almost overgrown.

And, surprise surprise, in the bottom corners we find, guess what ? …Ants !

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