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Pike attack (Esox lucius, carnivorous fish)


Today Marijke (my wife) called (yelled) me, in an extremely excited way, to come quickly.
Bet you, I came as swift as I could.
First came the disappointment. She was not at all exited by anything to do with my person.

Instead it was about a really big fish she saw in the waterway to the back of our house. It happens more often we see big fish (see the prior link) but this time it was bigger and different. It was a pike, Esox lucius, a carnivorous fish or predator. This one was really big to our standards, about 80 cm (2.6 feet) (the dark horizontal stripe).
There was a lot of rumor going on and it took a while before we realized it was not alone. The pike had just caught a fish, probably a young carp (that we have plenty), some 20 cm (8 inch) and was having some difficulty, to say the least, to swallow it.


Unfortunately it took me some time to get my camera and by that time it lay in the deep and was hard to picture. You understand our excitement and hence I wanted to share this even though the photo is of poor quality.
On the second photo the pike had turned a bit and you can more clearly see the prey and victim (top-right center, half swollowed, laying on its side, tail to the top).

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