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Bamboo shoots in unexpected places

Today we saw an example of unwanted bamboo-shoots. While we know how “sneaky” and persistent bamboo can be, we where again taken by surprise.


As you can see this bamboo-shoot tried to penetrate restricted area by coming through a junction in the Left-garden pathway. In order to get there it had to work itself under the heavy old (railway)sleeper and the pond-plastic we put there. Well it did it again.

We have planted this bamboo last year (far end, top photo) so within one season the length grew underground to 170 cm (5.6 feet) with a diameter of almost 2 cm (0.8 inch).
To remove it, lifting the flag-stone was not enough. We also had to lift the sleeper somewhat to be able to pull it out in one piece.


On the Water front (back side) garden we have “free growing” bamboo. The solitary bamboo in the Main garden has been place in containers. Even then we need to ensure we take out new shoots outside of the container, a couple of times per annum.

If you ever get to planting bamboo then the message is that you can not take enough caution to keep it under control.