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Armeria Maritima flowering, caution !


Our Turtle Island (Kame-jima or Hõrai-jima) is located in a part of the Sea that is located in the front garden compartment. The only Armeria Maritima that we have is covering a part of the Island. Now when the Armeria is in full bloom, it is as if there is a blanket of clouds hanging over the Island.


Each and every flower gets hundreds of very potent seeds. These need to be removed before they get blown away, into the garden. Removing the dried flowers that contain the seeds, before they populate the Ginshanada gravel area in which the Turtle Island is located, is one of these annual jobs that requires proper timing.


Yesterday we have removed all the flowers on the front-part (east) of the Island as these are already dried. The flowers on the house-side still look good and we leave them unharmed for an other week or so.

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