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Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’ Pinus densiflora

So far we have had an unusual spring.  Most of the time cold northerly wind.  Not at all pleasant to work in the garden.

On May 18th we finally had a ‘better day’ to do the special pruning of most of our pine-trees, in particular or Pinus densiflora, Japanese Red Pine akamatsu in the main garden compartment. This pruning in early summer, removes shoots less than one year old, so as to provoke new and denser growth.


Bud pinching is a bit of a dirty job so I wear gloves.

See the above links to get all the details.

Older examples in: garden activities May 2009.

These photo’s show that most of the tree-top on the right side has been picked where as the left side still has all its new shoots or ‘candles’.

This was the first time I used a bonsai-root shears to cut the candles. First of all it is easy clipping and secondly because you will not easily drop it while performing the act.

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